Meet Your Bookkeeper: Dannie McLaughlin

When Dannie McLaughlin took on a bagel bakery as a bookkeeping client, she didn’t just find out about their books. She found out about their bagels.

“They stonefire bake them,” she enthuses. “And they just hit the farmers market! They have employees who’ve worked with them forever, and they donate a lot of food too. We really want them to do well.”

And no, Dannie’s not just an enthusiastic bagel connoisseur. She’s similarly passionate about all her clients, whether she’s working with a mechanic shop, a non-profit, or an entrepreneur. So passionate, in fact, that she’s taken on a business development role at Reconciled It.

“We work with companies that are making huge changes in the world, that are building better businesses and inventing things to help the future. Being a part of that in any capacity makes me feel good. I don’t even think of it as sales. We just need to help people. It’s outreach,” she says.

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Dannie will be taking that passion—and some serious bookkeeping chops— down to Charlotte, North Carolina, next month to open a new Reconciled It headquarters there. The quick move up the ladder is nothing new for Dannie. She started in the finance world working as a teller at the Vermont State Employees Credit Union during college, moving into the accounting department, and then eventually landing a position as a credit analyst in the commercial lending department. After leaving VSECU to work as a bookkeeper for a Vermont renewable energy company, she worked her way up to accounting manager in less than a year.

Wherever she’s worked, Dannie has enjoyed the process of finding problems and fixing them, creating new procedures that promise effective, streamlined results. Knowing that she’s helping her Reconciled It clients develop systems that will make their jobs easier is a big part of what makes this position so fulfilling. “We care about our clients,” Dannie says. “That’s really important to me. I like helping people take the stress out of their lives and focus on running their business.”

Of course, one of the best things about her role—and what allows her to maintain a sense of passion about each and every one of her clients—is that it’s taken some of the stress out of her own life. She makes her schedule, which means she has plenty of time to pick her nine-year-old daughter up from soccer practice, to fit in a run or a weight-lifting session, or to dive into a novel. (If you haven’t asked her for book recommendations, you’re missing out.)

Dannie knows that some people think of bookkeeping as boring, though she is anything but.
“Finances are the backbone of every company,” she says. “This work is really important.”

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